Cancellation protection

If you want to be insured in case of sudden illness, we recommend that you take out a cancellation protection. For only DKK 200,- you can cancel your lease, in case you, your spouse/roommate, children, parents or parents in law suffer from medical documented serious disease, serious injury or death.

  • The paid rent deducted the cancellation protection fee will be repaid when delivering medical documentation in form of a medical certificate. The cancellation protection is valid until 12 o’clock the day before arrival and must be ordered and paid, when you book your stay.

Cancellation protection can be ordered when placing a reservation or be chosen when you book online.


Cancelation of your reservation can only take place by writing and is not valid until received by Drejby Strand Camping.  When cancelling the following rules apply.

  • Upon cancellation 30 days or more before your arrival, you will receive a repay of the fully paid amount less a fee of DKK 500.-
  • Upon cancellation less than 30 days and more than 7 days before arrival, you will receive a repay of 50% of the paid amount.
  • Upon cancellation less than 7 days before arrival, you will lose the paid amount.