Play Land

Cozy and child-friendly play land for indoor playing and activities for younger and older children.


Grab your fishing pole and go fishing directly from the beach. Or try fishing at Drejet park place. To the left you find a sandbank and to the right stones with good fishing grounds. In the surrounding waters you have the possibility to catch eg. cod, flatfish, garfish and trout

Play and fun

Discover the house and the ship with the younger children at the playground next to Play Land. You can safely let the young ones play at the playground.

Multi Arena for ball games

In the Multi Arena you find several possibilities for ball games. In high season you can participate in various physical activities such as aerobic and step each night.

Surfers Paradise

The waters between Als and Kegnæs is close to the dam very calm and perfect for water activities. The surf station is located at the entrace to Drejby Strand Camping and offers you the possibility to lean to surf or kite. We cooperate with Surfers Paradise.

Midget Golf

Try our 12 hole minigolf course with the nicest view over the Baltic Sea and Flensborg Fjord.

The Creative Porch

In the Creative Porch, the kids can unfold their creative talents within painting, cutting, creating their own bracelets and much more.

The beach

You are quite close to the beach and the delicious bathing water in the Baltic Sea. We have four places with stairs directly to the beach from the campsite. The beach is very child-friendly.

Drejby pool with Surfing Hill

Both young and older have the possibility to play with water. Take a trip down the Surfing Hill, where you will have a 360 degree view of Drejby – or let the water clown spray water on you.

Open from 30. May to the end of August.