Camping with your dog

Drejby Strand Camping is a dog-friendly campground, so you can bring your fourlegged companion with you on vacation. Here you’ll find several facilities and areas adapted for camping with dogs.

Vacations for your four-legged friends

Bring your dog camping and avoid having to deal with dog sitting or dog hotels. At
Drejby Strand Camping, we would like everyone to have a good vacation – both those
that walk on two legs as well as four. That’s why our dog-friendly campground is
equipped with plenty of space and facilities for our furry friends. Find out more about
the dog-friendly beach, the dog forest and much more on this page

Dog-friendly beach

The campgrounds are located on a beautiful sandy beach where both children and
adults can swim and play. Dogs are also welcome to swim in the water up to 200
meters from the Blue Flag, and you can throw a ball and practice tricks on the beach.
In accordance with national legislation, dogs are allowed to run free on the beach from
October up to and including March. Along the beach and in the surrounding area, you
can also stroll around and walk your dog in beautiful surroundings.

Campground with dog bath

Dirty fur is no problem when you visit Drejby Strand Camping with your dog. Because
when our four-legged friends have rolled around in the sand, splashed about in the
water and explored thickets and forests, you can use our practical and beautiful dog
bath, where your furry friends can be washed and rinsed after a stroll and playing on
the beach. As a dog-friendly campground, it’s just one of the joys we offer our
camping guests with dogs.

Dog walking and a dog forest

Take your dog on vacation and stroll around the scenic areas right outside the
campground. A 10 minute drive from here you’ll also find a good dog forest where
your dog can explore the surroundings and run free without a leash. This provides a
good opportunity for your dog to exercise, burn off energy and meet other dogs while
you are on vacation.

Shopping and caring for dogs

If you’ve forgotten the dog bowl – or if you run out of dog food while camping with
your dog – you can find a good selection of items for animals in the local co-op. The
co-op is just a two-minute drive from the campground or just under 10 minutes by

Clean campground for dogs

At Drejby Strand Camping, we make it easy to bring your dog with you – while also
taking care of the surroundings and the other guests. We have free dog waste bags at
the reception and hope that everyone who is camping with a dog will help keep paths,
roads and grassy areas clean.

Good advice for camping with dogs

Is it your first time camping with a dog? Here are a few tips to make sure you, the dog
and the other guests have a nice vacation.

Remember to pack a water bowl, food bowl, leash and dog basket as well as
mandatory dog owner liability insurance.

Keep an eye on your dog when it is not in the trailer or the vacation cabin. There
are many exciting things happening at the campgrounds that can entice curious
dogs to explore.

Please be aware that some camping guests are not comfortable with strange dogs
– so be sure to keep your dog on a leash when walking around the campground.

Consider how your dog is feeling about new surroundings and people. If your dog
gets stressed around lots of strangers, it might be happier being looked after by
family or friends while you are away.

Enjoy your vacation, the good walks and many activities.

Important information

If your dog needs to go to the vet, there is an animal hospital just 15 minutes’ drive
from the campground.

You can find more information about the Danish Act on Dogs here:

Drejby Strand Camping is a vacation – also for man’s best friend!

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